Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"Change your Mind, Change your Life"

Life is not complicated. Actually, we are the ones making life complicated. Life does not need to be complicated. I have learned this lesson. God gave us life and to have it lived abundantly. What a wonderful promise!!! But why is it that there are many people living in regret? It is because they choose to.. Changing our mind will help us change our life. Our mind is very powerful. Wrong mindset will tend to destroy our lives. And to think that we did this to ourselves. We don't need to suffer having this wrong mindset. Why suffer?? Change your wrong mindset.. Live a happy life.. I once heard this saying from one of my mentors in life, "Our happiness should not depend on things happening around us but our happiness should depend on him who gave us life--Jesus! Set your eyes upon Him--FOCUS.. Don't lose hope 'coz our hope is in him...See the ROSE as an example, inspite of the many thorns surrounding it, still the rose grows to be beautiful and attractive.. Be like a rose!!!

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